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More and more people are discovering the Leeward Caribbean islands, and especially Curacao, as a great place for your summer holiday, to live and work or to enjoy their pension. A great climate, temperature wise as well as for business opportunities. Centrally located in the world and because of the modern airport easily accessible. The island is quite mall, but has all modern conveniences, very internationally oriented, but still very affordable. Curacao meets many requirements and demands people make on a short or long stay.
Your own house
Based on stories by third parties and / or own experiences more and more people discover the possibilities of Curacao to build something permanent and idiosyncratic such as a house. Your own house to spend your holiday. What could be better than that? A home away from home. Especially, when your  investment and running costs can be reasonably recovered by, for example, renting out the house for long or short term. And maybe even more.
Renting = high return?
In recent years, the supply of rentable private homes for recreational purposes is growing quickly. What certainly does not mean that everyone is successful with his rentals. The tourist has increased demands and can no longer be fobbed  with arguments like "In the Caribbean, things go less organized”.

Besides that a lot of owners misjudge the costs of construction and decoration, making the house not fully satisfactory for the average or above average needs of potential tenants. The result: much supply of medium and lower quality houses and lack of supply in the top of the market villas. Often we see increase in rental rates that are far from real: for the average tenant is attractive precisely because of - compared with Europe – Curacao’s lower rents, which can compensate the higher costs for flying tickets.


Effort determens yield

Buying a house or an apartment on Curacao can certainly be a good investment. The gross returns are, average, somewhere between 5-12% per year, but there are several outliers. This is often based on a very active marketing and on-going enhancements to the product of an involved owner. With all our knowledge and experience of local markets and sophisticated marketing, we can help you make the first steps in this project a reality.