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VRC Property Management will be happy to be your proffesional partner in managing your property. We would like to contribute to a positive feeling for the owner as well as for the guests. That's our job, service oriented, fast and customer friendly all according to European standards. Every owner will be working together with a fixed property manager as much as possible. This person manages a number of houses and is the main contact for both the owner as well as the guests. This to ensure that we know every house in detail and see when things are not working properly or need replacement. Next to that we can be more responsive to your needs and wishes.


Of course there's a lot more to it than just managing and renting third party objects: the entire process regarding welcoming and accompanying guests, property management, maintenance of the property has extensively been thought through and professionalised. The work is being doen by our own team, so not only you as the owner, but also your guests will get the attention they deserve. Flexible, dedicated and service oriented.  

Your eyes and ears on site

Next to that the practalities of property management are just as important. When you are not living on, you will need someone who will make sure your that the intrinsic value of your investment at least keeps its value, but preferably even will increase.

Cleaning and maintenance
During and in between rental periods it is very important that the house is being well cleaned and that the linen is being changed and laundered. Minor and major repairs need to be properly maintained with the intensive use of the house and also with the salty, windy and sunny climate. These matters are just as important to renters as, for example, a beautiful environment and a nice (clean!) pool. Matters, that a lot of novice owners often underestimate or even consciously let it slide, in order to cut costs. But a guest will not be fooled, so in the end the investor is presented the bill anyway. A satisfied guest is the best advertising and will guarantee future successes.

Reception and Transferservice

In addition, of course, there are guests who need to be taken care of. This already starts at the airport: We can meet your guests at the airport and even provide the transport from and to the airport. In any case, you guests will be welcomed at the house with a bottle of champagne and some fresh fruits, that we offer on your behalf. In the meantime, your guests will be familiarized with the details of your home and its surrounding.

5***** Service for your guests

Renting a house with all the conveniences and comfort of a luxurious hotel. With us you can. Of course we work with a certain standard, but if your guests require more, than we will do so with a big smile. A reservation at a certain restaurant? A special welcome for your guests? A private cook or a babysitter? We will try to make everything possible, in order to make your guests vacation unforgettable.

At home on the island, working in the world

For all issues we know the (local) answer. We look and choose critically and where possible look locally. This to ensure we can offer support and quality solutions, but at the same time support the island as well. We can be your partner in terms of maintenance, brokerage, acquisition support, valuations, contruction, swimming pools, air conditioning, alarm systems, interior decoration and financal mediation.