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On the previous pages we have introduced you to our scrutiny and philosophy regarding commercial renting. But at that point we are not yet finished, because where do you get your guests?


For many (prospective) owners this is the next pitfall. Because most people now know that most answers start with the Internet, but that is precisely the problem. Many owners let someone put a website together for little money or are making their own website and expect that bookings will be coming in. The explosive growth of the medium Internet and the power of several search engines like Google and Bing make it necessary to professionalize the entire website in order to be found on the Internet. sure that and the entailed costs for smarten up the site.


To be found on the Internet, that's where it begins, since there is a lot of competition. ant bij dat gevonden kunnen worden begint het. Er is immers veel concurrentie. How do you make sure that a guest will book your property and not one of the competitors houses? An attractive, functional and working websiteHoe zorgt u er voor dat de gast uw object boekt en niet dat van de concurrent? Een aantrekkelijk ogende en functionele, werkende website met goede fotos zijn de basis. Het snel en professioneel beantwoorden van aanvragen is stap 2. Een volledige administratie hoort daar ook bij. Maar een goed werkend totaalconcept zorgt er pas voor dat uw huis werkelijk een optimale kans maakt om te worden gehuurd. VRC Beheer weet dat.

Uw website 
The rental and marketing of your house are a part of the cooperation with VRC. Our website, now attracts thousends of unique vistitors per month and is professionaly hosted. For your object we will in principle create and host your own website. We are making the website in a standard template, but with its own look & feel. For a fixed, low price, but with a success component. Because for us it is evenly important as for you, to rent out your house!

All applications are being received and processed in a central backoffice system. This to ensure all clients will have an offer within a couple of hours. We will agree with you what margin we will use for this. We will also handle the booking and finances for you. At the end of each month you will receive a final settelement from us. It could not be easier for you!

And.... you!
Of course this does not mean that you do not have to do anything. It is still your house. Through your own website you can promote your house among family, friends and acquaintances and of course you are free to advertise or promote your house, in order to obtain bookings.

How our concept exactly works is of course a bit of our own secret. We would gladly give you a glimps in a personal conversation. But you can take our word for it that we will do everything within our power to rent out your house as much as possible. After all, that means profit and return, for both you and us!