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What differentiates us and what we claim to be professional management will be clear at our first acquaintance. We are quite critical. We have to be, because if we will be working together, you will pay us a fee for our work and you have certain expectations regarding service and revenue. The key to profitability can be captured in two words: Satisfied guests.


In a personal meeting we will determine your wishes, possibilities (especially financially and time-wise) and goals. Based upon the above we will search for a suitable object. This can be an existing object, but also a site or lot for a construction project. In both cases, we will help you with the expertise of our colleagues of Century 21 Real Estate. From the first visit up to the signing at the notary.


Is your house already for rent (or already has been)?

Together we will first make an analysis of costs and benefits of your property. This is necessary to determine the right pricing and to create real expectations. A wide range of houses are being offered, but within that range there are many possibilities. These possibilities are also depending on the maintenance and furnishing of the house. Together we will look at the house and thereafter we will discuss our analysis with you. We will not shun a confrontation if necessary, just to set a few points straight on where you will need or can improve your house. Hones, but always with a solution in mind. 


Is your house new in rental?

If required we will help you create a plan for the functional as well as of the interior decoration of your house. After all, we know what where to buy on the island, therefor we also no the best prices. We will be happy to assist you in any way, in a leading or a supporting role, it is up to you.


What else can we do for you?

Then we put our network and our experience in motion. Contractors, architects, pool service orr handymen, we know them all and this saves time and money! Building on Curacao is not something you do on Curacao without being there. In your name can we follow, supervise or even direct your construction project. So you can be sure that you have a reliable person on site. This can be arranged as a project (project basis) with a total budget or on an agreed hourly rate.

Through our analysis and using our extensive knowledge of the local supply, we will put your house on the market for the right price. Always with the goal: an optimal and real return on your investment. Because for us a satisfied customer is the best PR!